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GENERAL CONDITIONS The Warranty conditions are available on and they do consider:

1.1) DURATION The warranty period lasts 12 months from the date of installation on the vehicle, as proven by the Warranty Certificate, and for a maximum of 15 months from the date of delivery by a Kahn Design Ltd.

a) Intervention on 'A Kahn Design' and 'Project Kahn' products under warranty must be carried out EXCLUSIVELY by A Kahn Design Ltd.
b) Said intervention comprises the replacement and/or repair of the faulty part at the sole discretion of A Kahn Design Ltd. and in compliance with the conditions below.
c) Intervention under warranty does not alter the start and duration of the original warranty period. NOTE: repairs will be carried out if the overall cost of intervention, comprising the price of the spare part plus manpower, does not exceed the net price of the total part. Should the cost of repair be excessive the whole part will be replaced.

a) Any kind of reimbursement for costs for the recovery of an immobilised vehicle or vehicles.
b) Any kind of reimbursement regarding interventions carried out by personnel other than of A Kahn Design Ltd.
c) Any duties, taxes, cross border tariffs and penalties incurred through the transportation of goods pursuant to warranty intervention.
d) Any kind of responsibility for claims for damages to people, animals or property directly or indirectly attributable to material and/or manufacturing faults occurring following installation of the parts.

To use the A Kahn Design Warranty service, the end user must register their purchase and warranty right on the A Kahn Design Ltd website (

To make a warranty claim for faulty or defective purchases, go to the A Kahn Design Ltd Authorised Distributor or Sales Agent in the relevant respective territory or area, or in the case that the territory or area does not have an Authorised Distributor or Sales Agent, directly to A Kahn Design Ltd, and register the warranty right, presenting the relevant certificate. In absence of this certificate the end user warranty will not be acknowledged.

The right to warranty is forfeit when the 'Warranty Request Form' document is incomplete or incorrectly filled in, or when it is not registered online with A Kahn Design Ltd. after the final deadline of 15 days from the date of warranty registration.

The warranty is acknowledged exclusively when there is a material and/or construction fault ascertained by A Kahn Design Ltd, on condition that:
a) The end user proves the right to intervention under warranty by presenting all the completed documentation.
b) The parts have not been altered or modified. The arrival at A Kahn Design Ltd of parts which have been interfered with or are incomplete cancels the warranty right.
c) The fault is not due to:
- improper use;
- lack of appropriate maintenance, including appropriate cleaning where relevant;
- use other than that provided for by the A Kahn Design Ltd ;
- causes due to incorrect use or operation of parts;
- inappropriate storage.

NOTE: Components subject to standard wear and tear or pilot error will not be replaced under warranty. (e.g.: tyres, damage through 'kerbing' of wheels)

a) The following services are acknowledged under the A Kahn Design Ltd Warranty:
- the replacement of unusable parts ascertained as having material faults:
- man hours for replacing or repairing the abovementioned parts in compliance with the time schedules printed in the A Kahn Design Ltd Time Schedule Booklet
- maintenance operations, including cleaning operations;
- interventions due to wear, accidents and conditions which do not comply with A Kahn Design Ltd indications;
- everything not expressly printed in paragraph 1.5

The forms related to the Warranty procedure are comprised as follows:
a) Warranty Registration Form. Available online at, or by fax/post on request from A Kahn Design Ltd (+44 (0) 1274 74 99 99). This form should be
completed and submitted online within 15 days of purchase.

b) Warranty Request Form. Available to download online at, or by fax/ post on request from A Kahn Design Ltd (+44 (0) 1274 74 99 99), to be completed and returned to A Kahn Design Ltd.

This is the document that requests authorization for any operations required under Warranty on defective parts within the terms established by the A Kahn Design Ltd. Warranty Conditions.

The Warranty Request Form makes it possible to:
1. Initiate the procedure of reimbursement or exchange of the defective or faulty parts directly with A Kahn Design Ltd in the case of direct purchases from A Kahn Design Ltd.
2. Initiate the procedure of reimbursement or exchange of the A Kahn Design Ltd Authorised Distributor or Sales Agent by A Kahn Design Ltd. for any approved warranty work carried out (products and man hours used).
3. Investigate the issues claimed under the warranty process Due to the particular importance of this form, a summarised guide to filling it in is printed below:

A: WARRANTY CERTIFICATE NUMBER: Indicate the number of the warranty certificate as per Annex 1 (See B Area)
B: POINT OF PURCHASE: Supplying Dealer/Distributor or Sales Agent: Name of the dealer where the products were purchased
C: COUNTRY OF PURCHASE: Country where the products were purchased
D: DATE OF CLAIM: Date on which the problem was registered with the Supplying Dealer/ Distributor or Sales Agent.
E: DISTRIBUTOR/AGENT STAMP: in The company stamp or seal of the Supplying Dealer/ Distributor or Sales Agent.
F: CUSTOMER NAME: Name of the end user purchaser.
G: ADDRESS: Address of the end user purchaser.
H: TELEPHONE: Telephone number of the end user purchaser.
I: VEHICLE: Make of vehicle the parts are supplied for.
J: MODEL: Model of vehicle the parts are supplied for.
K: A KAHN DESIGN PART(S): The parts subject to the warranty claim by part number, or if not known by description.
L: DESCRIPTION OF DEFECTS: Add notes describing the fault(s) found (in complete and legible writing). FOR A KAHN DESIGN TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT USE ONLY
M: WARRANTY CODE: insert Fault Code as found in FAULT CODE SCHEDULE
N: PART CODE: Indicate the A KAHN DESIGN LTD part code number of the piece claimed for under the Warranty
O: QUANTITY: Indicate the quantity of pieces claimed for under the operation.
P: TIME: Indicate the numbers of hours to be assigned to the warranty work (where required) by reference to the Time Schedule Booklet.
Q: NOTES: Any relevant information to be recorded by the Technical Department. (TIME SCHEDULE BOOKLET  for Authorised Distributor and Sales Agent use only):
The time schedule booklet, divided into products, indicates the standard operating time schedules authorized by A Kahn Design Ltd for labour in man hours accrued in the performance of authorized warranty work. The relative amount of labour in man hours claimed for must be calculated on the hourly basis in force.)


a) Correctly complete the WARRANTY REQUEST FORM and send it to A Kahn Design Ltd via e-mail or fax to the following address:, or to the following fax number: +44 (0)1274 715755
b) Await authorisation to return the part by the A Kahn Design Ltd. By receipt of Goods Return Authorisation from the Technical Department. Should authorisation be denied, the part will not be accepted.
c) All parts replaced under warranty must be sent with a copy of the WARRANY REQUEST FORM and delivery note to:

A Kahn Design Ltd.
Technical Department
240 Canal Road.
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

A completed copy of the Good Return Authorisation must be included inside every package.

- The shipping agents that carry the goods must be EXCLUSIVELY those indicated on the fax authorising the delivery of the return.
- In the case of warranty intervention via an Authorised Distributor, the invoice for reimbursement/credit note must be issued by the Authorised Distributor only after having received written approval from A Kahn Design Ltd., stating the sum owed for the operation.
-In the case of warranty intervention directly through A Kahn Design Ltd., an exchange part or reimbursement/credit note will be issued following the written approval by A Kahn Design Ltd stating the sum owed for the operation.
- If the warranty claim is not accepted, the Authorised Distributor/customer (as applicable) will be informed that the rejected goods will remain at his disposal in the warehouse for 15 days, after which A Kahn Design Ltd., will dispose of the goods.
-If the customer would like the goods to be returned, he must issue written information to such effect within 15 days. A Kahn Design Ltd. will then return the parts carriage forward at the cost of the Authorised Distributor/Customer.

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