A personalised number plate is ideal if you are looking for a gift for a partner or a friend.

Read on to find out wabout some of the exclusive number plates on offer.


Arrive in true style at a wedding and upstage the bride and groom with the WED 11N registration affixed to your vehicle.

Alternatively, you could allow the groom to drive the bride away in your car and you could jump into a car affixed with the equally fabulous WED 111N number plate.


We are talking about the sexiest number plate in the UK. Affix the ERO 71C registration plate to your vehicle and who knows, one may even be afforded the title of sexiest man or woman in the UK.


When most of us see something they need, they tend to go out and buy it, so if you are looking for the ideal gift for a friend or your partner, you should surprise them and buy something unique such as the F1 PET registration.

The F1 PET number plate is an ideal registration for a stylish vehicle.

The recipient may have been expecting a practical gift such as a tie but such a unique gift will render them speechless... 


One would certainly need a special registration to go with the Kahn Range Rover.

There is no better way than to show your appreciation for the beautiful game by purchasing a suitably football related number plate!

We are talking about a gift that will last the test of time! Should you want to buy the number plate as a gift for that speciak someone, We can also help keep the whole transfer process a secret so that you can surprise him or her with the S50 CER nunber plate.

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