At Kahn Design, you can choose from a range of registration numbers.

As group CEO, you are the most senior member of staff within your organisation. You are responsible for the strategic leadership of the company. You seek to ensure its future relevance, credibility, and viability.

Your vehicle is a testament to your career so far: Success personified!

However, a private number plate marking you out as the main man or woman is missing!

And we have the ideal registration for you. 

1 CEO 

This registration will mark you out as the leader of your company, someone who does not offer any excuses; they just get the job done.

This is the ideal registration because it sends a very serious message to each and all: your persona and image are of paramount importance. 

Ideal Investment 

Personalised number plates often hold their value well, so they are seen as an excellent investment.

If you would like the “1 CEO” number plate for yourself get your P.A to get in touch, or pop into our showrooms in London, Leeds or Bradford and we would be more than happy to help.