Strange enough that Aston Martin has placed such importance on their Cygnet city car, however, the real news is that Afzal Kahn has once again set himself a major challenge.

The principal British designer has vowed to 'transform the baby Aston Martin Cygnet (pictured) into something more refined'.

The man himself has already decided on the colour scheme and is in the very midst of developing the look. And for those of you who think this is one experiment too far, think back to when Afzal Kahn took his hand to the much maligned Ssang Yong Rexton and the end result was, yes, you guessed it: a Kahn Ssang Yong Rexton - hailed by observers as a style icon!

We will keep you in the loop over the coming weeks and months ahead. For more information, keep a tab of Afzal's twitter account:

If you would like to set Afzal Kahn a challenge, why not suggest a re-design?