At Kahn Design you can buy some of the most exclusive personalised number plates available.

It was recently revealed that the treasury raised £110m from the sale of personalised number plates, a record annual total.

The rise coincides with an increase in the number of registrations made available by the DVLA, combined with a sharp rise in the value of rare plates over the past two decades.

For the thousands of drivers who actually have personalised number plates, they are regarded as a statement of individuality or an investment.

Until fairly recently, buying personalised number plates was seen to be something only done by the rich and famous. That no longer holds true. Those who wish to make a statement or see them as an investment are now buying private registrations.

From dedicated parents who purchase number plates as ‘investments’ for their young children to everyday people who purchase number plates to sell to their friends for twice the price, more and more people are joining the rush to buy up desirable number plates.

Kahn Group C.E.O and Design Director, Afzal Kahn has spent a fortune building up one of the most valuable number plate collections in the world.

He has amassed over 60 number plates in his ever growing collection. Notable registrations include the prestigious F1 number plate, 4 HRH, 1 CEO and 180.

"They are visually pleasing and great fun," says Afzal. "They are seen as a form of automotive jewellery. You can either change your car or change your number plate, and changing your number plate is cheaper.

"Our collection holds some of the most sought after registrations in the world including WED 11N, F1 PET, 4 AK, 180 and many more."

You never know, with the likes of ‘N33 WWS’ up for just £799 and ‘T44 LKS’ up for £1,499 they could just be the bargain you are looking for.