At A. Kahn Design we believe that we can create value for customers and the local community by doing business in ways that specifically help address local and national issues.

Our commitment to charity marks us out as a company that systematically takes action to produce value for the business, consumers, employees and suppliers, as well as their families and communities.

This begins with the understanding; the communities we serve must also prosper. Through actions that substantially address a social challenge. Specifically, business will thrive and society will benefit.

Allow A. Kahn Design to announce a number of personalised number plates held on retention certificates which will be offered to charities for sale by auction to raise funds.

The number plates which are set to be made available for auction are:




60 UXL

700 TCX

330 XJA

300 WJX

The number plates will help raise valuable funds for not-for-profit and charitable organisations. Interested organisations are asked to submit an expression of interest that includes an outline of how they will use the number plate to raise funds for their organisations. This should include information on how the funds will provide an ongoing benefit to the local community beyond 2014.

Please send submissions to Charlotte Fisher via: An assessment panel will decide the allocations. The panel’s decision will be final.