Afzal Kahn insists the Aston Martin DB9 was not designed to be a boy's toy. It was designed, says the principal British designer, “to be comfortable, elegant and a powerful long-distance vehicle.”

And has been lured into reviewing this enchanting vehicle: no doubt 007 himself would approve of both the vehicle and unique number plate attached!

As eye-catching today as when it was launched way back in 2004, the Aston Martin DB9 matches the emotion of a Ferrari, adds practicality and offers an experience unmatched for versatility and all-round appeal.

Let us be very clear here, whether you choose the coupe or convertible (our pick is the convertible), traffic jams will be an everyday occurrence around this machine: the car is so beautiful, so intuitively Kahn, that people are forced to stare.

Our attempt to discover the peripheral aspects of the design is virtually impossible. It’s less muscular than an Aston Martin Vanquish, but more consistent.

Moving on, the driving position is enjoyment guarantees – no concerns– you can really enjoy the drive on an open road and not worry about any ‘wannabe’ boy racers who may have the odd and quibble with you driving a better car than theirs.

As for the silhouette: it is wonderfully balanced and - unlike many convertible cars - looks the part whether the hood is up or down. The hood itself is a fully retractable soft top affair that folds down in 17 seconds, making it entirely possible to stow it when waiting at traffic lights without the risk of being embarrassingly caught half way through the process.

The entire base of the Kahn Volante takes much of the plaudits - It's a mixture of extruded, stamped and die-cast aluminum, bonded together into an extremely light yet rigid superstructure.

The Kahn Aston Martin Volante's silky styling package consists of a Kahn Sports exhaust, Sports lowered suspension, red calipers and privacy glass. Of course on smooth roads all is well, a 6.0-litre V12 engine, six-speed ZF automatic with paddle shift, rear wheel drive, electrically-retracting soft-top, an entertainment system that can easily compete with the wind noise and, best of all, the delicacy and razor-sharp engineering ensures it's certainly an interesting vehicle to drive.

Perhaps the only area where most Aston Martin’s let you down is the interior as the layout and design could be clearer.

As an interpretation of what traditional and contemporary Aston detailing should look like, beautifully finished dials, lustrous black leather in cream stitching, secondary hide in cream and pearl grey interior detailing have been provided courtesy of Afzal Kahn.

However, we provide our customers with the opportunity to express one's individuality and they can have whatever they want. Afzal Kahn will add your personally requested luxury style and taste to the equation making you feel even more at home than you already are. He could, for example, design for you a vehicle with an interior the same shade of your living room, the choice is yours.

Furthermore, our unique 11x20” RSV, 10x21” & 9x21” RS-XF and 10x21” and 9x21” Monza wheels, available in a variety of tones, exemplify what A. Kahn Design is all about: creating something that is both unique but refined enough to both complement and enhance each and every vehicle.

To sum it up, the DB9 delivers a captivating combination of comfort and style. This is a car that feels more established and relaxed than the standard vehicle – and that’s no bad thing, because it ensures the vehicle is exceedingly fit for purpose. It’s sufficient enough to impress, but allows its good looks and a beautiful engine to attract the crowds, as opposed to outrageous performance.