There is a reason why Afzal Kahn has a reputation as the formidable genius behind automotive fashion.

The common denominator is the Kahn brand. In automotive terms, A. Kahn Design is the ultimate designer label.

The Vesuvius edition is beauty personified: named after the eponymous Italian volcano, the bonnet stripe and roof in burnt orange erupts with elegance.

Should you desire a Vesuvius in the colour of your choice, contact the Kahn team and they will oblige with a true style icon befitting of Afzal’s strap line: ‘The road is my catwalk’.

Convening a number of exterior colour options, alongside modifications to both the body kit and performance - the 'Vesuvius colours of Kahn' range is beauty personified.

Colour options include Vesuvius Orkney grey and green along with Orkney grey and blue. However, as expected, the Range Rover Sport Vesuvius edition can be created to the client's exacting requirements, staying true to Afzal's strapline: "The road is my catwalk."

Dedicated to the creation of luxury bespoke vehicles, Afzal Kahn redesign’s the ordered monotony of mass produced vehicles and re-builds them into individually tailored creations.

No doubt the ‘Vesuvius colours of Kahn’ demonstrates an enhanced level of interaction and style, taking land rover personalisation to the next level.