Designed by the renowned British automotive designer, Afzal Kahn, the London Taxi TX4 Edition is one of only five ‘Last of Line Edition’ vehicles commissioned by The London Taxi Company.

Currently on display at the Kahn H.Q in Yorkshire, this ‘London Taxi’ became a favourite amongst London Taxi drivers’ thanks for its reliability.

Please allow Kahn News to offer a handy guide to those who may one day see themselves as passengers, in the back of this iconic vehicle.

 1) It is cool to be courteous

Please treat your fellow passengers and the Taxi driver with the utmost courtesy.

A true gentleman is he who does not belittle anyone else; but peaks with forthrightness, yet always with honesty and compassion.

2) Thank You

If someone is kind enough to sit back and give way to your Taxi driver, please do not forget the “thank you” wave as not bothering to give a wave is classed as un-gentlemanly conduct.

3) Keep Calm And Carry On

If someone does something to upset your driver, whatever you do, do not take offence. This could seriously raise your blood pressure and minimise the chance of being placed in an awkward situation.

4) No Littering Please We’re British

Always locate an appropriate receptacle to deposit the wrappings from one’s consumed fare.

It is not as if these devices are difficult to locate, as they are spread widely across our green and pleasant land.

5) Do not expect many London Taxi’s any time soon.

Finished in Madeira over Kirsch, with Front and Rear Seats in 3D Modular Herringbone Leather, the centre glove box, armrests and centre glove box have been trimmed to match.

If you are lucky enough to be driven around in one of these, then the Grand-Children should be told!



Two tone Rolls Royce paint
Black Grille
4 Slot Front Grille with Industrial Mesh
Front Grille Industrial Mesh
Fuel Filler Cap in Satin Black
Shadow Chrome Headlamps
Mud Flaps (Toughened Rubber)
Chelsea Truck Company Black Spare Wheel Cover
Shadow Chrome Headlamps
Daytime LED Running Lights
Split Level Targa Roof
Two tone Rolls Royce paint
Black Grille
Colour-coded Contrast wheels
Privacy VIP glass
VM Motori 2499cc four cylinder diesel with power upgrade

Front and Rear Seats in 3D Modular Herringbone Leather
Centre Glovebox in 3D Modular Herringbone Leather
Armrests in 3D Modular Herringbone Leather
Original Front & Rear Seat Covers in Quilted & Perforated Leather
Door Armrests Re-Upholstered in Quilted & Perforated Leather
Centre Glove Box Re-Upholstered in Quilted & Perforated Leather
Gear Shift & Transfer Box Leather Wrapped in Leather
Door Entry Sill Plates in Stainless Steel
Floor Mats (Toughened Rubber)
Vented Foot Pedals in Machined Aluminium
Heated Front Seats
Interior Investing in British Industry Badge
Interior Chelsea Truck Co. Identification Plate
VIP roof LED Interior star lighting
Thick quilted leather seats
Piano black instrument surround
Colour-coded seat belts
Last of Line door sills
Leathered steering wheel
Last of Line Branding