The Chelsea Truck Company has revealed plans to turn the Suzuki Jimny into a mini Mercedes G-Class or Land Rover Defender.

Whilst customers eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the new Defender model or are mulling over whether to invest in a 2019 G-Class, Afzal Kahn has posted a first sketch of a possible CTC Jimny model on his official Instagram page (@AfzalKahn) with the caption: ‘The G Wagon inspired friendly vehicle for a 6th of the price!’

Mr. Kahn and his team have been buoyed with the feedback thus far on social media, and although the styling enhancements are very much in the planning stages, it is anticipated, the vehicle will be adorned with additions such as a wide body styling package and wide wheel arches to resemble the much bigger G Class and Defender.

In addition, it is anticipated, front and rear vented bumpers, bonnet unit, front vented grille, LED headlamps, 19” G6 wheels along with a performance quad exhaust system will be pencilled in as enhancements that will ensure the vehicle appears more premium and noticeable than the standard model.

As for the interior, quilted and perforated leather will adorn the front and rear seats, centre glove box and arm rests will be made all the more special by subtle touches such as branded sill plates and vented foot pedals.

Pricing, according to Afzal Kahn’s Instagram page, will begin at just £24,995, although a release date has not been announced.

However, customers can register to receive further information by e-mailing: