Project Kahn’s latest work of automotive fashion is destined for stardom.

Worthy of a silver screen role, this teaser sketch of the 2018 5.0 V8 Supercharged Range Rover SVR Carbon Pace Car is set to translate into the real world very soon.

This teaser sketch is a statement of intent, announcing that the dream of owning an ingenuously designed Project Kahn Land Rover Range Rover is now a reality.

By taking the Range Rover Sport SVR and upgrading to ‘Project Kahn’ specification, Afzal Kahn has concocted the ultimate blend of luxury and performance.

The 2018MY Land Rover Range Rover Sport 5.0 V8 Supercharged SVR Carbon Edition Pace Car has been given new commanding exterior styling enhancements, all of which are crafted in Carbon and designed with care so as not to infringe upon existing warranties.

An aggressive splitter improves functionality whilst maintaining the safety features afforded by the original design. Towards the rear, a carbon panel connects the rear lamps.

Wider rear wheel arches and front arches with integrated air dams will accommodate a range of stunning Project Kahn wheels - giving this exquisite car an intimidating stance along with a stealthier, leaner look to match its savage performance.

Subtle new exterior features including a rear deck lid spoiler, roof wing and custom colour detailing all of which enhance the look of the SVR without detracting from the distinctive character of the original. The result is an exterior truly worthy of the Afzal Kahn signature.

Inside, Project Kahn’s in-house craftsmen will skilfully hand upholster the SVR’s sports seats with quilted and perforated leather to allow the occupants to tackle the road or track in unrivalled comfort.

Mr. Kahn believes, by working solely on the aesthetic, he has designed a stylish and modern vehicle worthy of the Project Kahn badge.

“This beautifully proportioned, elegant vehicle is likely to prove a sound investment, and is expected to represent extremely good value for a limited edition vehicle.”

Please be advised - Project Kahn can also tailor your own SVR to your own specification. More information will be released in the coming weeks ahead. However, only 49 models will be available.

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