Jeep Wrangler Black Hawk edition, designed by Afzal Kahn is both an off-road icon and high-end fashion conscious brute.

Made In Chelsea

Amongst the trendy streets of Chelsea and Kensington, the Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk edition embodies all that is elegant and powerful.

The robust styling extends to widened wheel arches coupled with a four slot grille, thus ensuring the vehicle exudes exquisiteness.

A crosshair exhaust system, vented Iron Man bonnet, quad exhaust system in stainless steel, LED Diamond bright and horizontal headlights will leave a shadow of nonchalance wherever you go.

Step Inside

The generous interior, designed to the specification of the owner, invites one to take a step inside.

Quilted front and rear seats, full bespoke dashboard and door cards, leather transmission tunnel, quilted roll bars and grab handles, are just some of the upgrades that ensures the vehicle is in a league of its own, and unlike anything in the market today.

The bottom line is, once you go Black Hawk, you don’t go back.


Off-roaders yearn to conquer rivers and mountainous areas with relative ease.

One must also throw a set of Kahn wheels into the equation because if you are going to go off-road you may as well do it in style!

We are talking about the personification of ruggedness, Kahn wheels coupled with Wheels 7.5 x 17” (Set of 4) with Cooper Discoverer STT Pro 285x70x17” All Terrain Tyres (Set of 4), supplied by Cooper Tire, our official tyre supplier, ensures light off-roading is nothing but an absolute doddle.

What’s the score?

It is natural to want the best of both worlds without having to make any concessions, but we want something that ticks both the rugged and stylish boxes and the CJ300 will satisfy all parties.

One word of advice for city slickers - don’t be deceived by the robust silhouette this exemplary vehicle is a style icon.

As for off-roaders, do not for one second; think that the Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk edition has gone soft, just because it is perceived as a style icon by the fashion conscious; this does not mean it is not ‘manly’ enough to be a real tough off-road machine.

The bottom line is – once you go Black Hawk, you don’t go back.