In the 130-year history of the automobile, there is only one car that can be associated with both off-roading and Queen Elizabeth.

The Land Rover Defender is the true “people’s car.” With pragmatic sensibilities and no-nonsense styling that appeals to pretty much everyone, everywhere, the Defender can be found right the way from Sunset Strip to your local gravel pit.

However, If you want a truly special edition, The Chelsea Truck Company has transformed the regular model to something that would appeal to the CIA’s head honcho.

Suave, debonair, elegant; the heavily beefed up Volcanic Rock Satin Big Foot edition would be the perfect fit for a Bond villian, affording them a better chance of survival, in the shadowy, yet glamorous world of international espionage.

Perhaps the most obvious part of the transformation is the use of huge 5 x 10x16” 5 Spoke Tubler Steel Wheels in Satin Black (Beadlock), complete with 5 x 37" Maxxis Trepador Extreme Off Road Tyres, greatly improving the ride over a standard Defender.

Front wings with integrated vents and wide rear wings in light weight composite shows that this truck is more about purpose than looking pretty, not to mention an added bit of British authenticity.

Headlamp surrounds, A-frame with winch surround, replacement front bumper with sump guards, Diamond Bright LED headlights, wing top protectors and a twin crosshair exhaust system with exhaust shields and stainless steel tailpipes will intimate that you have what it takes to indulge with the cream of MI6 anywhere from the Austrian Alps, the streets of London or a 007 inspired chase-scene in Panama.

As for the interior, we have complete elegance.

The interior gives a best-of-both-worlds type of mood, the front racing seats have been adorned with Russian Blue leather with Harris Tweed inserts, whilst the centre console, roof lining along with front and rear door cards have been trimmed to match.

The front racing seats also feature Tweed inserts to go with the hand-stitched leather. The steering wheel has been decked out in black leather. Furthermore, hard wearing front and rear cabin floor mats and vented foot pedals in machined aluminium are just some of the additions to what is an attractive interior.

A 3 spoke steering wheel in billet aluminium & leather, vented foot pedals in machined aluminium, boot sill plates and a Churchill Time Clock Fascia insert completes the package.

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Colour Change to Volcanic Rock Satin - Our signature Cromax® paint finish

Front & Rear Wide Wings with Integrated Vents & Bolt Apertures

Front Bumper Sump Guard

Headlight Covers with Industrial Mesh

Side Vents with Industrial Mesh

Wing Top protectors

Twin Crosshair Exhaust System Inc. Exhaust Shields & Stainless Steel Tailpipes

Rear Mud Flaps in Toughened Rubber Pair

Diamond Bright LED Headlamps Pair

Front and Rear Crystal Clear Light Lens kit

Bigfoot 5” Lift Kit , 4- Stage Adjustable Shock Absorber, Coil Springs and Bushes

5 x 10x16" 5 Spoke Tubler Steel Wheels in Satin Black (Beadlock)

5 x 37" Maxxis Trepador Extreme Off Road Tyres

Pair of Cibie Hi Res Spotlights

Winch with Custom Bumper

A-Frame with Winching Surround
Privacy Tinted Glass