Raul Salinas Beltran of Top Gear Spain was given an exclusive opportunity to review the Kahn Vengeance.

The principal Spanish journalist gave the vehicle a score of 8/10. Read on to find out why Raul was so impressed with the Vengeance.

Being unique has a price: this DB9, prepared by Afzal Kahn, is a fine example.

If at first you do not recognise the car we are testing, it is the Kahn Vengeance GT. Is the Aston Martin DB9 not exclusive enough? In 98% of the world, it certainly is. But there are specific enclaves that seem to be touched by the wand of success and fortune, where even luxury standards are never sufficient.

Surely you may also recognise the location of this car test: the Principality of Monaco. It is here, in one of the most exclusive places on this planet, where Afzal Kahn, a reputed British designer known for his modified Range Rover, wanted to show his potential customers one of his most daring projects.

The Khan Vengeance GT is a sports car respectful of classic, pre-mass production, with a flavour that only a car molded by punches of a craftsman's hammer could achieve. I must confess that the first time I saw him at the Geneva Motor Show I was not particularly thrilled: that chrome front, a possible modernist version of the classic Aston grille, seemed too fierce and striking in a car as elegant as a DB9.

However as I see it in what appears to be a more fitting setting, in one of the squares of the old town of Monaco, the entire design concept appears thrillingly beautiful. I will probably not see it again holistically in this manner, but I can now deeply understand the true meaning of what a bespoke, craft car represents: in half an hour I will have seen about 30 DB9 models and, honestly, it bores me more than the noon soap opera.

A DB9 is notably exclusive, yes, it is sporty, it is respectably elegant, hardly improvable I dare say, but when all of your successful Neighbours have one, there is something that can leave you with a somewhat bitter taste of feeling like the status quo: this is where this Kahn Vengeance, the personification of exclusivity fills the void.

I feel compelled to expand my review past the typical story of what inspired this particular car to exist. Having said that let me continue.

Afzal Kahn has gone ambitiously and daringly far with this design: it is much more than larger tires or an extra pair of fog lights. This is a new concept, inspired by the most sporty finesse of the Aston Martin of the last 5 decades, such as the versions carved by Zagato, the Vantage V600 or the original Vanquish.

A fusion project that combines the classic elegance of Aston Martin with a more imposing and satisfying aesthetic, this is masterfully achieved with a visionary complement of wider wheel arches, vintage-style rims and a rear that really seems almost inherited from a Milanese bodybuilder: round pilots inspired by Italian aesthetics and a carbon fibre diffuser that gives the aggressive racing touch.

But unlike the more radical V12 Vantage S Aston Martin, everything on the Kahn Vengeance has been done with respect to refinement and luxury. It is certainly not a radical concept; it is a version where the goal is to be the best of the best.

I open the door and at first it almost looks like a standard DB9, but it is in the small, meticulous details where you pay the considerable price difference: the steering wheel is completely upholstered in fine alcantara, the leather maintains a pattern of elegant linings that run from end to end and throughout the passenger compartment, ceiling, seats and even the top of the dashboard.

The carefully chosen shade of red leather puts the colour point on this immaculate interior that oozes finesse and quality through each pore.

At the wheel, the Vengeance GT is a genuine grand touring and luxury car; both fast and luxurious. The seats have a particularly comfortable feel reminding me a bit of a soft Rolls Royce interior.

The suspension is dynamic, responsive and the engine is extremely progressive. It is a car that is enjoyed idling peacefully through the streets of the Principality, without haste, letting people admire your good taste.

Too ostentatious? When we speak of the almost infinite degrees of high luxury, it is difficult to draw a division between conservative luxury and the need to attract unique attention, do you not think?

As with everything unique on this earth, only 5 of these vehicles will be manufactured to this degree of exclusivity and artisan luxury. I'll let you know however that if you want it, you may already be too late.

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