KHA 17 Design - The name is in the number plate
Urban Echo recently published an article on Afzal Kahn's range of registrations, here's what they had to say: 

When it comes to private number plates, there is no doubt one internationally renowned businessman knows his stuff. 

Designer and entrepreneur Afzal Kahn not only designs and coach builds some of the world’s most desirable vehicles in the form of the Flying Huntsman, Huntsman 6X6 and the Vengeance, a fully coachbuilt 2 door coupe, he also has another passion.

Though vehicles are his speciality and have propelled the Bradford born entrepreneur to international heights, Afzal has also spent a fortune building up one of the most valuable number plate collections in the world.

His first number plate – ‘KHA 17′ – was purchased for £700. Four years later he sold the plate for £6,000. It was at that moment Kahn’s passion for number plates turned from a hobby into a business.

Today Kahn, with his company that is based on Canal Road in Bradford, has amassed over 68 number plates in his ever growing collection, with the value of each plate varying considerably.

Some of the most popular number plates are the Asian range of number registrations.

One of the cheapest is AFO2 ALS whilst the K11 ANS range of registrations include AK11 ANS, BK11 ANS, CK11 ANS, OK11 ANS, the list goes on including the recent addition of BAR 157A for an ambitious barrister or solicitor.

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