Chauffer To The Stars: Adam Coleman

A regular chauffeur does not need any special transportation vehicle; a daily car will fit the bill.

However, if you are chauffeuring Hollywood A-Listers to and from Pinewood studios, a Kahn vehicle is a must...

This is where Adam Coleman of ADS Executive Cars comes in.

Adam’s Audi A8 complete with the much sought after Kahn RS-X wheels catch the eye of many Hollywood A-Listers and Producers who he chauffeurs.

“The RS-X wheels in particular are very popular,” says Adam.

“A well known producer of the new Point Break movie told me he had a Kahn Range Rover and a very well known A-lister told me his wife has a Kahn Cosworth Range Rover. The fact that I have a Kahn vehicle is a real ice breaker when it comes to making conversation.

“I am not surprised in the slightest that Kahn vehicles are so popular amongst the Hollywood elite, those that know about the brand, know that it is the best.”

This is not Adam’s first foray into all things Kahn; he purchased a set of Kahn RS-R wheels to go with his first car, a Ford Escort, N reg back in 1996: “I remember buying the RS-R wheels back in 1996, they were just amazing, everybody wanted a pair of RS-R’s because there was nothing else like it.

“Everybody back then knew their wheels, and any car owner or enthusiast worth their salt will tell you the attention to detail is just incredible, they are a great alternative to standard offerings and everybody seems to want them.”

When asked if he has ever been asked to get in front of the camera, Adam shrugs the questions off with a straight forward reply: “I’ve been offered a number of roles as the relevant people have got to know me, but I’m one for staying behind the camera, I love driving and I love my job.”

Adam insists owning a Kahn vehicle gives his kids a great deal of kudos or street cred, according to his daughter: “My eldest daughter is always taking photos of the car and promoting it,” says Adam.

“It certainly gives her some popularity though the younger two are not in tune with all things Kahn at the moment, maybe in the future.”

If you are looking for a chauffeur for the weekend, short or long distances, Adam, complete with his Kahn vehicle and contact list is your man.