National Classic Car Day: feeling left out?

Will you be joining Chris and raising money for charity? If not, don’t worry, come and see our range of classic cars and you can join in next year!

Chris’ love of classic cars is already well known so it can be no surprise he recently came up with a novel way to promote his love of classic cars and to benefit charity live on his breakfast show: he declared Friday 4th April as ‘National Classic Car Day’.

The idea is that all classic car owners get their old motors out on the road to tackle the morning commute.

It’s a simple principle: pick up friends or workmates, take them to work and get them to donate the money for the pleasurable privilege.

There are no rules, says Evans, and no minimum age for the classic cars. “If you consider it a classic, then it’s OK,” said Evans. “Class is in the eye of the beholder.”

One of the great myths about classic car ownership - is that you have to be petrol head.

Classic cars tend to be rather intriguing, not merely because the vehicles are so much more beautiful, but because owners tend to be more compelling.

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