Want to buy Afzal Kahn’s first Ferrari?

It is difficult to discuss a Ferrari without a twinge of reverential melancholy. In some cases, blind praise for all things Italian has been misplaced, but in other ones, the superlatives and hyperbole are well-deserved.

For Afzal Kahn, the name Ferrari brings to mind a 1998 550 Maranello Coupe which is up for auction at Bonhams this month.

Tellingly, it was the first expensive Ferrari owned by the principal British Designer himself.

Styled by Pininfarina like its illustrious 'Daytona' predecessor, the 550 Maranello is similarly proportioned, adopting the classical combination of long bonnet, small cabin and truncated tail. The body's aerodynamics were developed in the wind tunnel, where hours of testing ensured that the minimum of drag was combined with constant down force regardless of set up, an important consideration in a 200mph road car. Styling details such as the bonnet air scoop and hot air outlets behind the front wheel arches recalled the great competizione Ferraris of the past, in particular the 250GTO, while the tail incorporated Ferrari's characteristic twin circular lights.

The current owner purchased the car for museum display in 2010. Presented in generally good order, this desirable modern Ferrari Gran Turismo is offered with MoT to July 2013, Swansea V5C document and three expired MoT certificates dating back to 2009.

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