Kahn Range Rover Evoque RS250 Review: MSN UK
There's nothing like the Kahn Range Rover Evoque. The greenest model yet from the distinctive automotive design firm, it's even more striking than the standard Evoque and the price will guarantee exclusivity, too...

This popularity is why the specialist car firm owned by Afzal Kahnhas held off releasing its latest creation. Until now. Finally, though, the firm famous for its Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models has turned attention (and "thousands of hours" of design time) to the smallest Range Rover - with impressive effect.

The Kahn Design Range Rover Evoque RS250 is, arguably, the firm's most successful model yet. It's a distinctive creation, but not just because of its vivid (Kahn-created) paint job and staggering 22-inch alloy wheels. It's the work that's been done to the front, rear and interior by the firm's in-house automotive design pros that's most striking.

The bespoke front end is look is all-new. The design team has used a bold black graphic to 'widen' the Evoque, and fitted a carbonfibre chin spoiler to make it look lower, finishing it off with details such as the grille vents and 'KAHN' lettering on the bonnet's leading edge.

At the rear, a unique centre-exit exhaust has been designed (no small job and showing the extent of the engineering work), and there is again a bespoke bumper plus a Porsche 911 Carrera RS-style 'ducktail' rear spoiler. The thin black gurney flap on its trailing edge is pure motorsport and is a really subtle and pleasing detail.

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