Chelsea Truck Company expedition winch bumper and grille
Chelsea Truck Company is pleased to unveil an expedition edition winch bumper and grille.

The risk of getting stuck whilst away on an expedition is too much of a risk to take, even for experienced drivers.

Help is at hand, however, cue Principal British designer, Afzal Kahn, who prides himself on the Professional pseudonym ‘The Road is my Catwalk’.

Kahn who has delivered Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk editions with such clout; it is safe to say that these game-changers would not look out of place with London, Chelsea or New York centric drivers, rock climbers and off-roaders at the helm, is now allowing more freedom and independence for Jeepers.

With the help of this durable package, that consists of a front bumper with winch mounts, 12000lb winch including fixing brackets and a Jeep four slot grille, drivers can explore rugged terrain and if need be, pull their Wrangler to safety without any outside help.

This electric winch is powered by the electrical system, providing a great deal of pulling power as required by serious off-roaders.

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Package Includes:

CTC Expedition Front Bumper with Winch Mounts, 12000lb Winch including fixing brackets and a CTC Jeep 4 Slot Grille.