The Road Is My Catwalk: Project Kahn’s SVR Pace Car Is Set For Stardom

What makes the Project Kahn 2018 5.0 V8 Supercharged Range Rover SVR Carbon Pace Car the definitive luxury SUV?

The answer is simple - if you believe the standard Land Rover model is too civilised then Afzal Kahn’s latest design is ideal for you.

This teaser sketch showcases what could very well be the SUV of choice for discerning customers who are looking for a fashionable vehicle like no other.

By upgrading to ‘Project Kahn’ specification, one will be the owner of an ingenious and inspiring vehicle, complete with a meticulously crafted exterior styling package, so as not to contravene existing warranties.

An aggressive splitter improves functionality whilst maintaining the safety features afforded by the original design. Towards the rear, a carbon panel connects the rear lamp, whilst a rear deck lid spoiler, roof wing and custom colour detailing enhance the look of the Range Rover Sport.

Wide front and rear arches coupled with integrated air dams - showcase a range of stunning Project Kahn wheels - to match its powerful performance.

Inside, front and rear with quilted and perforated leather seats allow the occupants drive in relative comfort.

Please be advised - Project Kahn can also tailor your own SVR to your own specification. More information will be released in the coming weeks ahead.

However, only 49 models will be available.

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