View From The Press: The Other Z8
Think this is a BMW Z8? Think again! It's the even rarer Alpina Roadster V8, but it might just be the car the Z8 should have been in the first place, says Matt Robinson, writing for BMW Car Magazine.

Here are some of the highlights of Matt's 7 page write up:

'Cut to a cold moorland road somewhere between Bradford and Hebden Bridge, early 2016. And to my surprise, I'm in a 2003 model year Alpina Roadster V8 once more. This time, naturally, it is not new, but it might as well be - the example I'm in has covered a scant 15,000 miles in its 13-year life and it feels as tight as the proverbial instrument.

'The mellifluous 4.8 up front is burring away, responding with decent haste to throttle inputs and shoving the 'modern classic' forward with real intensity.

'The Alpina Switchtronic gearbox isn't unduly hesitant or struggling to find the right cog for the job, while its quaint, hand-stitched '+' and '-' buttons on the steering wheel prompt shifts as and when you need them. It feels good to be back in the saddle. Actually, scratch that; it feels superb.'

To read the entire article, pick up the May issue of BMW Car Magazine.

For more information on the Alpina Roadster V8, please click here.