Choose Your Own Personalised Number Plate: 1000 EB
At Kahn Design you can buy the ideal number plate.

Having purchased a fantastic new Bugatti Veyron, everyone is waiting for you to put your foot down.

As you settle into the driving seat, your admirers continue to take countless photographs of the Veyron from every single possible angle.

There is something missing however, something you have been looking for quite a while, that final touch so to speak: a personal registration number...

Well, we’ve got the perfect plate for the quintessential Bugatti owner: 1000 EB.

This is one of the most exclusive number plates you will ever see, simply because the number plate bears the initials of Ettore Bugatti, the legendary figure who founded his own car-manufacturing company: Automobiles E.Bugatti.

Ettore was determined to build nothing but the best vehicles of the time and began constructing exquisitely beautiful and technically superior automobiles that were destined to win racing trophies.

It was Ettore’s father, Carlo who came up with an oval-shaped emblem that would be associated with the glorious car make for years to come. Complete with the EB initials, the logo represented passion and power, splendor and excellence respectively.

The logo has not changed through the long history of the company and still represents.

Value For Money

Believe it or not, the price of high quality cherished plates are only increasing day by day. At the very least, they are holding their value.

Here at A Kahn Design, we have a team of experts dedicated to finding exactly the right registration plate for you. It may seem like a daunting prospect, but consider the advantages.

Not only does choosing the correct plate enhance the look of your pride and joy, it’s an incredibly shrewd investment. As we all know, property prices fluctuate.

The 1000 EB number plate will significantly add to the value of any Bugatti Veyron. There are additional advantages, too and our experienced team will advise you on which one is the best fit for you.

Come and have a no obligation chat and we will see what we can do for you.