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Maybach 57 by Kahn Design
Kahn Design - 57  

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  • Pick Of The Showroom: Maybach 62 5.5 V12 Auto

    For the exceedingly well-heeled, for whom only the biggest and best will do, the V12-powered Maybach 62 ultra luxury sedan is one of the most exclusive vehicles in the world.

    One of the best priced Maybachs on the market today; this Designo Black vehicle showcases amazing value and is a great investment.

    Complete with a luxurious specification and conspicuous styling, the suitably presidential 62 Maybach is the ultimate expression of German nonchalance.

    Priced at £75,995, the opulence begins in the interior with a transmission tunnel, dashboard and steering wheel finished in Burr Walnut Wood...

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  • Queen’s 60th Coronation Special: The Maybach 57 6.0 S

    A. Kahn Design has launched a special edition Maybach to mark the 60th anniversary of The Queen’s coronation, complete with the much sought after 4 HRH number plate, unique livery and 22’’ Kahn RS-XF wheels.

    Director, Ally Kahani, says the Kahn Maybach is a great way to promote such a significant event: "The 60th anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II is an important milestone that has only been achieved by one other monarch in history."

    Richly satisfying to look at - will the Kahn Maybach be seen in London sooner rather than later?

    All we can say is, keep your eyes peeled for, just possibly, the photo opportunity of a lifetime!

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  • Maybach 57 6.0 S by A.Kahn Design revealed

    One could say that A. Kahn Design’s Maybach 57 6.0 S is a fitting celebration of the German luxury brand.

    The ceramic grey Maybach in question features two-tone onyx grey body work, 22-inch silver platinum Kahn RS-XF alloy wheels with original Maybach centre caps, Kahn lowering module and the rather regal sounding ‘4 HRH’ number plate.

    This vehicle is a 2007 ‘57’-plate car that has completed 67,721 miles. Fitted with the rear seat entertainment pack, a reversing camera, radar-guided cruise control – in fact, every possible option you can think of nearly – it’s well specified...

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  • A. Kahn Design introduces the wedding commemorative maybach 57

    The ultimate commemorative vehicle to mark HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding day.

    Previous royal weddings have often been marked by commemorative stamps, coins and a range of memorabilia.

    However, Afzal Kahn has released the ultimate commemorative item to mark HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding day.

    The pearl white Kahn Maybach complete with the regal-sounding number plate: 4 HRH – is the ultimate European luxury saloon, sitting magnanimously at Kahn headquarters in Bradford as a fitting tribute to the royal couple...

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  • Kahn Automobiles presents: Maybach 62 5.5 V12

    Offered exclusively by Kahn Automobiles - The Maybach 62 5.5 V12 Autos occupy a part of the market that very few super-luxury cars can ever aspire to.

    Clad in Dark Grey Himalayas livery - the Maybach 62 5.5 V12s have completed 89,543 & 162,913 miles respectively and are available for £59,875.00 & £69,875.00.

    Preposterously luxurious and awesomely refined the Maybach 62 5.5 V12 models feature 22-inch silver platinum Kahn RS-XF alloy wheels and original Maybach centre caps and a exclusive black leather interior...

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  • Must have number plates: Part 1

    The rich and famous are not the only ones who buy cherished number plates. We are talking about an industry that seems to have forgotten about the recent economic downturn.

    For those of us who have purchased personalised number plates, they are viewed as a statement of individuality or an investment due to yield extensive dividends.

    However, to those of us who do not have one, it would only be appropriate for Kahn news to treat readers with a feature on some our most cherished number plates.

    00 77

    The ultimate James Bond private number plate indeed…

    For a lot of people, adding a personal registration can do more for the way they feel about their vehicle than adding £20,000 of extras...

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  • G06 Wheel Collection

    Kahn Design is proud to showcase the new G6 Alloy Wheel, the perfect fit for a number of Mercedes models which include the G-Wagon, AMG, ML and Maybach.

    Designed to accommodate original centre caps, this high-quality 22” wheel is available in Shadow Chrome with a Diamond Outer or Piano Black with a Diamond Bezel.

    One should also keep in mind that the G6 wheels have many on the road benefits such as improved road handling, not only will your Mercedes look incredible; the entire driving experience will be enhanced.

    Our service does not stop there; we can also advise you on the right set of wheels from our current collection, for whatever vehicle modifications you have...

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