There is a great deal to like about the Kahn RS-X 1922 Wheels.

The sharp and well-formed design of RS-X wheel will give all Range Rover Vogue and sport models (2005 onwards), Discovery 4 and BMW X5 and X6 models a dominating and commanding appearance whilst being aesthetically enticing.

These Kahn wheels feature a multiple spoke design and deep concave style that will work in unison with the factory body language perfectly, creating a a perfect performance-oriented way to improve the look of BMW X6, X5, Discovery 4 along with Range Rover Sport and Vogue models.

For this application, Kahn Design gave the RS-X 1922 wheels a 9.5” front and 22" rear fitment. The wheels are available with Spigot rings and Kahn branded centre caps whilst Hyper Silver livery adds a high-end look.

Per set of four: £1,920.00 inc VAT


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9.5x22" - 5/120 - ET35 - CB 74.1 - Hyper Silver

Range Rover Vogue 2005 Onwards
Range Rover Sport 2005 Onwards

Discovery 4

Spigot Rings and Kahn branded Centre Caps included