Have you ever wondered what a handmade Chelsea Truck Company model would look like?

If so, we come with glad tidings in the form of the Land Rover Defender Double Cab Pickup Flying Huntsman 6X6, a cool Keswick Green Land Rover Defender Pick Up Wide Track model, a Defender 90 model and a Black Hawk edition.

Made by master craftsman and model maker, Herman Nijhof, these stunning models make quite an impression, especially when all the models are pictured together.

The epitome of luxury and craftsmanship, the Dutchman has meticulously worked on the vehicles for hours on end, in the process incorporating everything from colour schemes to front and rear wings X-Lander front grilles, headlamp surrounds, replacement front bumper with tron lights, fog lights and Shadow Chrome headlights, to name just some of the Chelsea Truck Company accessories.

As for the interior, Herman has displayed exquisite detailing, showcasing a sublime level of sophistication involved in creating a unique interior that incorporates sophistication and comfort.

Take a look at the image gallery to view Herman’s models in all their glory!