Remember when we said that Kahn was building its own version of the DB9 Volante? say Top Gear.

Well, this is the result – the Kahn Vengeance Volante. As with the Vengeance Coupe that came before it, the Volante is based on Aston’s bonded aluminium and composite VH platform (used in everything from Vantage to Vanquish).

You’ll spot that the widened C-pillars and wings of the hardtop Vengeance are still there, but the interesting double-bubble roof arrangement has been scrapped (obviously) for the Aston’s fabric, foldaway job.

And like the hardtop Vengeance, there are shades of several Aston icons in there – the Zagato-bodied models, for instance, and the original Vanquish to name but two.

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