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Aston Martin Cygnet by Kahn Design
Aston Martin DB9 by Kahn Design
Aston Martin DBS by Kahn Design
Aston Martin Rapide by Kahn Design
Aston Martin Vantage by Kahn Design
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  • Kahn Aston Martin DB9 Volante: License to review

    Afzal Kahn insists the Aston Martin DB9 was not designed to be a boy's toy. It was designed, says the principal British designer, “to be comfortable, elegant and a powerful long-distance vehicle.”

    And has been lured into reviewing this enchanting vehicle: no doubt 007 himself would approve of both the vehicle and unique number plate attached!

    As eye-catching today as when it was launched way back in 2004, the Aston Martin DB9 matches the emotion of a Ferrari, adds practicality and offers an experience unmatched for versatility and all-round appeal...

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  • Aston Martin with a K

    As Afzal Kahn rekindles his affair with a bold new Aston Martin: Kahn takes this very welcome opportunity to review the Kahn Rapide!

    It takes a lot of guts as well as a lot of money to embrace this Anglo-Italian supercar. If you are indeed rich enough, then you are rich enough.

    An asking price of around £150,000 is not an issue for such an extrovert Kahn Aston Martin Rapide. More than a mere car, it’s a precious and rare commodity; if you have to be plucky enough to buy it, surely you’d have to be mad enough to drive the socks of it?

    Not at all...

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  • The name's Kahn, 007 Afzal Kahn

    Suave, debonair; the Kahn Aston Martin Rapide would appear to be the perfect foil for James Bond. Sporting Kahn 21” RSX-F wheels in a platinum silver finish and onyx black paintwork, this vehicle would not look out of place with 007 himself at the helm.

    For better or worse we live in the age of the superhero, and the 00 77 number plate affixed to the Rapide will ensure you will also have the chance to indulge in the world of international espionage.

    Afzal Kahn says the Kahn Rapide was not designed to be a boy's toy but instead is a comfortable, elegant and a powerful long-distance cruiser and as such is pure joy for motoring buffs...

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  • Mission Impossible ?

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take the unsightly Aston Martin Cygnet and make it look beautiful. Yes, most would consider this to be Mission Impossible and probably something that even 007 himself would be hesitant to take on.

    However, Afzal Kahn insists the road is his catwalk and true to his mantra, the iconic British designer accepted the challenge and vowed to "transform this baby Aston Martin Cygnet to something more refined".

    And in his quest for Kahn coolness – the design wizard, true to his promise - went on to create a super mini worthy of the Aston Martin badge – courtesy of a metallic imperial blue finish coupled with a Kahn lowering module, blue metallic bonnet louvres and brake calipers finished in heat resistant blue paint, ensuring the vehicle oozes true Aston Martin DNA...

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  • An alluring combination

    One would be forgiven for falling head over heels with the spectacle that is the Kahn Aston Martin Vantage: a seductive mix of style and invigorating performance.

    Afzal Kahn has found much success as an international style icon. His renditions of all things automotive have garnered much acclaim thanks to a penchant for an exhilarating blend of bespoke design.

    Of course on smooth roads all is well: conveying the fundamental nature of the vehicle’s identity the 10X21” and 9x21” Kahn RS-XF, 11x20 and 9x20 RSV and 10x21 and 9x21 hyper silver Monza wheels sit perfectly on the Ferrari FF...

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  • A. Kahn Design introduces the Aston Martin Rapide 4 Door

    London – July 2011 – Dubbed the most elegant four-door sports car in the world, the Kahn Aston Martin Rapide is incredibly civilised, but tremendously capable.

    The moment this car was announced there has been an inherent correctness about the idea of a four-seat, four-door Aston Martin based on the already excellent VH platform.

    And in the metal the Kahn Rapide does not disappoint. The fundamental proportions are breathtakingly elegant.

    When people see this car they tend to smile and point towards the exceptional styling package, consisting of a front bumper grille mesh in matte black, bonnet vents in billet, black brake calipers, side vent grilles in matte black, sports exhaust and privacy glass...

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  • A. Kahn Design introduces the Casino Royale grey metallic Aston Martin DBS

    London – June 2011 – In hard-top form, the Kahn Aston Martin DBS boasts an awe-inspiring level of comfort and practicality that James Bond himself would be proud of, especially with the unique number plate attached.

    The framework on which the Kahn Aston Martin DBS also takes much of the credit – It’s a mixture of extruded, stamped and die-cast aluminum, bonded together into an exceptionally light yet rigid superstructure -ensuring the silhouette is beautifully proportioned.

    And the Kahn Aston Martin DBS styling package consists of a sports lowered suspension, front splitters in matte black, brake calipers in red, privacy tinted glass, privacy tinted glass, rear diffuser in matte black, twin exhaust system in a matte grey finish...

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  • The Afzal Kahn challenge: the Aston Martin Cygnet by A. Kahn Design

    Afzal Kahn has undertaken many a unconventional project, but for those who think the British designer faced the ultimate challenge of building a supermini worthy of the Aston Martin badge: Afzal, true to his promise to "transform this baby Aston Martin Cygnet to something more refined," has delivered the goods with such vigour and style – this vehicle is now bubbling with true Aston Martin DNA.

    Dubbed by many as the most controversial car of 2011, the Aston Martin Cygnet is either a fabulously clever way to make a great deal of money and cut C02 emissions, or an abomination not fit to wear the iconic winged badge, depending on whom you speak to...

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  • Kahn Aston Martin DB9 Volante: License to style

    London – October 2011 - Afzal Kahn insists the Aston Martin DB9 was not designed to be a boy's toy. It was designed, says the principal British designer, “to be comfortable, elegant and a powerful long-distance vehicle.”

    No doubt 007 himself would approve of both the vehicle and unique number plate attached!

    The chassis on which the Kahn Volante also takes much of the credit - It's a mixture of extruded, stamped and die-cast aluminum, bonded together into an extremely light yet rigid superstructure...

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  • Exclusive Offer: Kahn RS-XF wheels designed for the Aston Martin DB9

    If you want to add an impressive finishing touch to your Aston Martin, our RS-XF wheels could be the ideal fit.

    Our refined 9.5” X 21” (front) and 10.5” x 21” (rear) wheels are available on special offer for £1259.00 inclusive of VAT, for a limited time only.

    We are able to supply a broad range of wheels for a wide range of vehicles. View our current collection for more information.

    If you can't seem to find a set of wheels for your vehicle, don't worry, give us a call, we can tell you which alloy wheels will fit your car...

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  • Choose Your Own Registration Plate: 1967 AM

    What could be better than driving an Aston Martin DB6 with a personal number plate that matches the car?

    Not only does the 1967 AM registration look rather special on this 1967 model Aston Martin DB6, you will be the envy of your friends and neighbours!

    The culmination of Aston Martin's long-running line of DB six-cylinder sports saloons, thus considered by many to be the last 'real' Aston, the DB6 abandoned the Superleggera body structure of its predecessors in favour of a conventional steel composition.

    Increased rear-seat space was the prime DB6 objective so the wheelbase was now 4'' longer than before, resulting in an extensive restyle with more-raked windscreen, raised roofline and reshaped rear quarter windows...

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  • Pick of the Showroom: 1967 Aston Martin DB6

    Produced from 1965 to 1971, the Aston Martin DB6 enjoyed the longest production run to that date of any Aston Martin Model. The successor to the popular DB5 model boasted several improvements to both the specification and the aerodynamic styling.

    Among the most notable features were an increased wheelbase and higher roof line, the distinctive Kamm rear spoiler, and split front and rear bumpers.

    Representing the culmination of Aston Martin’s DB series of 6 cylinder sports saloons, the DB6 is recognised by many enthusiasts as the last of the “real” Aston Martins...

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  • Last ever UK registered Vanquish S “The Last” available at Kahn Automobiles

    World famous for its association with James Bond in the blockbuster film Die Another Day, the Aston Martin Vanquish is for many, the quintessential British supercar.

    Following the success of the original, the Vanquish S benefitted from an increase in power to 520 bhp, giving it a top speed of over 200 mph, making it one of the fastest road cars ever produced by Aston Martin. Subtle updates to the grille, front splitter and the addition of a spoiler set the Vanquish S apart from its predecessor while maintaining the same elegant lines...

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  • 4 Aston Martin's That We All Love

    There are certain companies that immediately exude all things or British. Aston Martin is one of them.

    Allow Kahn News to present, in no particular order, 4 Aston Martin Vehicles that we all love.

    Last ever UK registered Vanquish S

    Renowned for its association with all things 007, the Aston Martin Vanquish is viewed by observers and critics alike as the archetypal British supercar.

    A rare piece of British automotive history, this is the last Vanquish S to be registered in the UK.

    Available to view out our Leeds City Centre showroom, the Vanquish S benefits from an increase in power to 520 bhp, giving it a top speed of over 200 mph, making it one of the fastest road cars ever produced by Aston Martin...

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  • View From The Press: Kahn Vengeance has Aston Martin's blessing

    Noah Joseph of Autoblog raised a valid question in a recent article.

    If Aston Martin quashed a similar venture by Henrik Fisker, wouldn't the Kahn Vengeance suffer a similar fate? 
    Not according to Kahn. In a statement released to the press, company spokesman Mo Bhana said: "Unlike the David Brown Speedback GT and recent Fisker Thunderbolt that ended in a lawsuit, there are no copyright issues with the Vengeance since Aston Martin has confirmed they have entered into a supply deal with us."

    Noah went on to contact Aston Martin spokesman Kevin Watters, who replied to Autoblog's inquiry with the following statement: "I can confirm that Aston Martin has entered into a supply agreement with Kahn Design and will supply a very limited number of DB9s for an extensive coachbuild conversion...

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